Roadshows are all about logistics and production so Genie’s touring background means we know what it takes to deliver a successful multi -venue event or road show.

Roadshow organising can take up a lot of your working day. Without the necessary first hand production knowledge  it can also be a frustrating process. So why not leave it to Genie, leaving you to focus on the things you need to do?

We take care of the technical production and logistics, and liaise with the venues speakers or facilitators. We can also help you to plan or design the shows too.

Genie will  make sure the literature and samples turn up for the event on time. We will build the stands or structures and reassemble sets and models available also as a separate stand alone service. In fact we can take care of everything and then when it’s over we can bring it back  to our warehouse for safe storage without you needing to worry about anything.

For  less disruption to your work and sleep patterns, and to minimise the ‘Out of Office’ time,  contact Genie.

Take more of a back seat when you are out on the road. Call Genie and we will make your event a complete success. – Together we can build a great show!

Design Build Install
Our design team can also create or help with the Graphics and Branding. We have in house photography/ video and can provide large format printing and web design services as well as an in house Production/ Voice over Studio.

Our build team have many creative practical skills too including carpentry and metal work. Combined with our service support and IT skills Genie offers a class well above an ordinary Production company.

Your next event deserves some fresh thinking and perhaps a new approach. We can help. At Genie we welcome diversity and challenge.
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